Casa Lleó i Morera



Casa Rocamora. Joan Mumbrú i Bordas and his wife Lluïsa Sacristán i Figueras buy a plot of land from the Sociedad de Fomento del Ensanche (the society formed to promote the development of the new land outside Barcelona’s old walls) and commission master builder Joaquim Sitjas to build a house.


Josep Martí i Fàbregas, guardian and conservator of the Mumbrú-Sacristán children, applies to the City Council for a permit to add another storey and build balconies on the rear façade of the house.


The Mumbrú-Sacristán children sell the building to Antoni Morera i Busó.


Antoni Morera i Busó dies without heirs and his niece Francesca Morera i Ortiz inherits the building.


Francesca Morera commissions Modernist architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner to renovate the house.


Francesca Morera dies unexpectedly. Her son, Dr. Albert Lleó i Morera, inherits the property and continues with the rehabilitation project begun by Lluís Domènech i Montaner.Francesca Morera willed the property in usufruct to her grand-daughter Francesca Lleó i Puiguriguer.


Dr. Albert Lleó i Morera dies and his widow, Olinta Puiguriguer, inherits the property.


Olinta Puiguriguer and her children Albert and Francesca sell the building to the insurance company Sociedad Mercantil Bilbao.


Sociedad Mercantil Bilbao sells the building to Mutualidad General de Previsión Social de la Abogacía de Madrid.


Grupo Planeta buys the building from the Mutualidad.


The Núñez y Navarro group buys the building from Grupo Planeta and begins a two-year restoration project.


Núñez y Navarro will destine the building for office space for rent.